OPEN  Tuesday through Saturday for dinner

Apollo Grill grew out of Casey’s dream of opening his own restaurant. After many years of working for others, gaining notoriety in helping develop establishments such as Icarus in Boston, Del Raye in Northampton and the much missed Squires, Casey finally realized that dream by renting space in the Eastworks building. Easthampton and Eastworks were the perfect place to hone his craft. Casey built Apollo with a ton of stuff found in the abandoned areas of the Stanley Home Building, now know as Eastworks. The bar is soapstone from the lab, the arches were once conveyor belts, the old 6 door fridge was from the cafeteria.

Local heroes at the Apollo Grill: We know the people who produce what we serve: Mapleline dairy, River Rock meat, Diemand eggs,; Mountain View and Pepin Farm vegetables, herbs and flowers; Paper City, Berkshire Brewing and Pretty Things beer, Green River Ambrosia Mead, V-One Vodka, Mt Tom Ice Cream. This an incredible place filled with people following their passions and Apollo is jazzed to be part of this scene.

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Celebrate graduation with dinner at Apollo!

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